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I am Alyssa Ravenwood. Thank you for your visit to my site. Welcome. 


Alyssa Ravenwood is an interdisciplinary artist. She began as a theatrical actor at 17. While working at that theatre company over the next decade she also became a director and designer. Ravenwood is best known for her mask designs and her mask company Ravenwood Masks. Her masks are handmade by Alyssa in the USA. They have been sold all over the world. She has won awards for her mask design, acting, photography, oil painting, and figure drawing. She lives in Arcata, California, where the tall trees grow.

Alyssa Ravenwood at Ravenwood Masks studio in Los Angeles, CA, 2011.
Located at the Brewery Artist's Colony.


Photo by Rob Silverman 
Part of his photo series on artists at the Brewery entitled Live-Work-Art www.robsilverman.com/PORTFOLIO…

Alyssa Ravenwood in her LA studio at the Brewery Artist's Colony.